Pitch Perfect : Movie Review

Essentially a glorified episode of the television show “Glee,” “Pitch Perfect” is a spotty coming-of-age comedy that only marginally pays off on its promise of delivering harmonized vocal virtuosity.

Barden University freshman Beca (played by current it-girl Anna Kendrick) is an aspiring musical composer with great pipes. Beca knows her pop music hits. She makes mean mixes on her computer and presents them for airplay on the college radio station. Petite Beca joins the school’s all-girl a cappella group The Barden Bellas in the hopes of upgrading the group’s less-than-modern song selection to claim victory at the upcoming national a cappella competition. A talented all-boys rival team — The Treblemakers — stands in their way. A hint of dweeb romance peeks between Beca and singing rival Jesse (Skylar Astin), as an addendum to the film’s overused competition plot device. Note to Hollywood: no more dance-offs or sing-offs, or anything-offs — ever again.

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Author : Cole Smithey