Resident Evil: Retribution : Movie Review

It is startling when one thinks about how much Alice (Milla Jovovich) has been through over the course of five filmsó2002's "Resident Evil," 2004's "Resident Evil: Apocalypse," 2007's "Resident Evil: Extinction," 2010's "Resident Evil: Afterlife," and now "Resident Evil: Retribution"ówithout really getting anywhere. She began as an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, then narrowly survived a zombie takeover by being the sole person immune to a viral outbreak. Injected with a serum that gave her super-strength and virtual immortality, Alice went on to escape the apocalyptic Raccoon City, then fought the infected in an otherwise abandoned dystopian Las Vegas. She discovered she had been cloned upwards of a hundred times, then watched as they were all destroyed just as quickly in an explosion at Umbrella's Tokyo headquarters. Injected with a new concoction that returned Alice to her normal, fallible human form, she headed for a safe haven in Arcadia, Alaska, only to find no savior. Flying down the west coast, she settled in a still-smoldering Los Angeles and learned that the real Arcadia was actually the name of a ship waiting to set sail to safety. Alas, it was not to be, and this latest entry picks up with Alice having been captured once more by Umbrella. Seriously, for as much as Alice has faced, she's really no closer to accomplishing anything. It must be exhausting shooting guns and kicking ass 24-7 to no avail.

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Author : Dustin Putman