Project X : DVD Review

A group of misogynistic teenagers arrange a party for their best friend at his house while his parents are away on holiday. The boys are complete losers at school which is not hard to believe because they have very bad attitudes toward pretty much everyone. However despite being socially inept they invite any girls from their school that are in any way considered to be sexy to the party, in the hope that they will get to have sex and that the party will be a success. They have no concept of acceptable attitudes towards anyone.

Project X is crude beyond belief. It includes racism, sexism and homophobia, and it’s crude, puerile and offensive in just about every other conceivable way. Consequently Project X is the sort of film that breeds young men who fail to understand real life and think that women are nothing other than objects created for their personal sexual gratification. The film may be fictional but the problems that it will create in society, that already exist but will only be amplified by this sort of film, are very real. Teenagers watching this film will not be able to distinguish between behaviour that is acceptable or unacceptable thus bad habits will be learned. The music used in the film further objectifies women and is racist and abusive. This sort of film should quite honestly not see the light of day on cinema screens and certainly not as home entertainment.

Project X DVDUnlike films such as American Pie or Superbad where the lead characters and storylines have a sense of humour this film perhaps in its intent to be real simply glamorises the behaviour of these young men.
As for the actors (if this bunch of irritating newcomers can be called actors because I would seriously question their acting and personal credentials if they think that this sort of film is acceptable) none of them have the likability, or tongue in cheek style of Johan Hill, or the personality or vulnerability of Jessie Eisenberg or Michael Cera.

Despite having a strong hated for this horrible little mistake of a film, at the point the police helicopters arrived to quell the party, which by this point had become a full scale riot, I felt compelled to watch the film to its conclusion simply to witness the final outcome, which of course feel short of my expectations with regards the punishment that the boys received. Perhaps the worst moment of the film is when the father of the main character, having returned to his house that has been destroyed along with most of the nearby houses, comments to his son that he didn’t think that he had it in him; wryly praising his son for his ability to have hosted such a out-of-control party. It’s a comment that clearly further glamorises the boys’ behaviour a deeply misjudged piece of parenting.

Author : Kevin Stanley