Promotion, The : Promotion DVD

Seann William Scott and John C Reilly star in the quirky off-beat comedy ‘The Promotion’ which will be released by High Fliers on retail DVD on April 23rd.

Both actors will have a high profile in UK cinemas around the DVD’s release date. Seann William Scott, currently starring in ‘Goon’, will be seen again in the Spring when he reprises his role for the final film in the hugely successful ‘American Pie’ franchise while John C Reilly will be starring with Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley in ‘The Dictator’ which opens in May.

The Promotion DVD‘The Promotion’ was written and directed by Steven Conrad who was also the screenwriter for ‘The Pursuit Of Happiness’ and ‘The Weather Man’.
Living the American Dream, happily married Doug Stauber’s professional ambitions are about to be realised when his boss at the Chicago supermarket chain where he works assures him he's a shoo-in to manage a new neighbourhood store.

However, enter rival Richard Wehlner. He wants the job too, has a better CV than Doug, has a wife and a daughter and is regarded by seemingly everybody as an all-round terrific guy.
How should Doug react to this challenge? Should he regard Richard as a friend, a colleague, a competitor or an enemy?
Richard, it seems, has demons and a past but with the help of motivational tapes he’s determined to succeed.

Soon their professional rivalry explodes as the two men fight it out in corporate and psychological tests to determine who gets the dream promotion to supermarket store manager! A clear case of two guys, one job and no rules!
‘The Promotion’ has a run time of 86 minutes, a ‘15’ certificate and an rrp of 12.99.