Salmon Fishing in the Yemen : Movie Review

The sound of the title, "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen," is unlikely to set a fire under prospective audience members, but it does serve, for once, as truth in advertising. Both the name and the film in question are safe, bland and tranquil. At 108 minutes, the skimpy story is also stretched thin and loses nearly all interest by the final half-hour. Ewan McGregor (2012's "Perfect Sense") and Emily Blunt (2011's "The Adjustment Bureau") are a pleasant if predictable pair, cast for their talent, yes, but also for their very Britishness. A light comedic romance where nothing ever gets too steamy or too sordid, director Lasse Hallstrom (2010's "Dear John") and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (2010's "127 Hours") embrace an innately English sensibility, but don't seem to drive home any greater point beyond the obvious.

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