Mirror, Mirror : Movie Review

The first of two pictures based on the Brothers Grimm tale of "Snow White" ("Snow White and the Huntsman" debuts this summer), "Mirror Mirror" takes a largely comical approached to a realm of magic, monsters, and murder. An interesting misfire, the feature, while beautifully designed and photographed, is destroyed by a feeble sense of humor and critical miscasting. Aiming to be a lavish romp with a pronounced wink, "Mirror Mirror" ends up paralyzed by botched whimsy, frantically trying to pass itself off as a rollicking good time when it’s decidedly mediocre, with director Tarsem Singh so concentrated on bejeweling his creation that he forgets to make it funny or even the slightest bit romantic. The delicate fairy tale fabric has been disrupted by slapstick and insistent CGI.

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Author : Brian Orndorf