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This is by far the worst movie yet to star Steven Seagal. My impression of this movie is based on poor directing and little attention to detail that is very noticeable to the audience. The add-in special effects also are cheap and not realistic as is the plot!

The real ticker of this movie was my watch while I waited for the trailing credits! Although the actor's in their own right have done tremendous work in the film industry and have many pictures to their credit, this is not one of them. None of the actor's here including Dennis Hopper and Steven Seagal really do any acting in this movie, instead they are along for the ride and caught up in a bad script. If you want solid entertainment that is slightly believable with a hint of actor's doing what they do best on the screen, then find something else on the new release shelf this week! On a scale of 0 to 5, I would rate this bookend a 1 .

Author : Steven Woods