Vow, The : Movie Review

Those woefully unfortunate males who end up accompanying their womenfolk to this bad romance will fall into three categories: the considerate, the conniving and the confused.

The considerate won't mind if their significant others spend two mindless hours drooling over hunky himbo Channing Tatum as Leo, the dreamily dumb owner of a Chicago recording studio. The conniving hope their dates will get so worked up watching Leo tenderly romance his amnesiac wife Paige (Rachel McAdams) that resistance to their own advances afterward will be futile. And the confused are those who think this earnestly sappy nonsense won't make them want to run for the exits in search of their self-respect.

The Vow is ridiculously sincere and completely unselfconscious about its unbelievable setting, utterly artificial characters and achingly melodramatic plot. Perfect couple Leo and Paige are stopped at a red light discussing the likelihood of conceiving a child by having sex in their car when they are rear-ended by a dump truck. Thrown through the windshield, Paige awakens later in a hospital with no memory of Leo. She's also forgotten that she dropped out of law school to pursue a career as a free-spirited sculptor, she can't remember why she is estranged from her wealthy parents and she doesn't recall any of her theatrically bohemian friends.

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