Joyful Noise : Movie Review

Well, there’s certainly plenty of noise. I’m not so sure any of it is joyful. Looking to choke the life out of its audience with heaping helpings of melodrama and deafening gospel hollering, "Joyful Noise" is a mess of a movie, though one that spends 120 minutes of screentime determined to be loved. The carelessness is toxic, along with the script, most of the performances, and the feature’s idea of heavenly music. However, it’s a blindingly bright creation with enough programmed sass and plastic acts of redemption to tickle its target demographic, easily pleasing the easily pleased. Those with less tolerance for the stridently manic stylings of Queen Latifah and miserable Disney Channel-style conflicts should stay clear and thank the heavens for the ticket money saved.

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Author : Brian Orndorf