Death to Smoochy : Movie Review

It is impossible to say whether the premise or its execution is more fatal in "Death to Smoochy (2001). " One would expect something greater out of the talents assembled. "Smoochy" centers around the dirty politics and corporate corruption that surrounds the powerful world of children's television (get it?). Randolph Smiley (Robin Williams) is a dirty clown. A foul-mouthed drinker, Smiley is nabbed by undercover FBI agents after taking payola to get some kid on his show. This becomes a PR nightmare for the network president (Jon Stewart), so he dispatches Nora (Catherine Keener) to find a squeaky clean replacement. Together they descend on the guileless Sheldon Mopes, a. k. a. "Smoochy" (Edward Norton). As Smoochy's star rises, we soon find that ShowBiz isn't all it's cracked up to be. Disparate madcap forces conspire about Smoochy, while Randolph Smiley wants his job back, and will stop at nothing. Wow!

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Author : Alex Nohe