50/50 : Movie Review

"50/50" belongs in that rare subgenre known as "The Cancer Comedy." It’s not a popular cinematic topic, practically untouched throughout the years, yet this new film from director Jonathan Levine makes the troubling process of merging meaty laughs with exhausting medical emergencies seem like a piece of cake. This is a tremendously endearing, emotionally complex motion picture that gracefully inspects the stages of grief, worry, and, of course, catharsis, approaching a delicate subject matter with a disarming confidence.

Holding down a public radio job while romancing Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard), a modern artist, Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is hit with a terrifying diagnosis of spinal cancer, capsizing his mild existence with shocking reminder of his mortality. Immediately commencing a routine of chemotherapy and psychological inspection with student therapist Katie (Anna Kendrick), Adam looks to the comfort of slacker friend Kyle (Seth Rogen) to get him through depressing days of self-examination, resulting in the loss of Rachael. Trying to find some sense of focus as the cancer spreads and his possibly of survival decreases, Adam reaches out to Katie in his time of need, hoping to settle himself for the difficult journey ahead.

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Author : Brian Orndorf