Fright Night : Movie Review

The original FRIGHT NIGHT is a personal favorite of mine; granted watching it today it reeks of 80’s kitsch, but that is part of its charm. I sank my fangs into it again recently and it still held up like a sturdy horror classic should. So before I dive in; let me get this out of the way: I know the original Fright Night by heart; I know its editing cuts, its musical beats, its dialogue, its shots…I f*cking know that film like the back of my ball-sack. So while clocking this modern replica; yes, I had to struggle to keep the original out of my noggin and take this one on its own. I will do my best to judge this remake as if it was a stand alone. Wish me luck!

As the end credits rolled, I couldn’t deny that the Fright Night remake gave me a cheap, good time at the movies. The directing style was energetic and in your face, the cinematography was pretty to look at (love them sunrise/sunset shots), suspense was on hand, the flick had an almost THE TERMINATOR attitude, the gore was ample and the practical/CG enhanced vampire designs were fun freaking stuff; often nodding the designs found in the original. NOTE: Too much CG blood for my liking though. Moreover; I dug the well choreographed action bits, the new ideas it brought to the table, the isolated Vegas setting (which made for a visually striking and interesting location choice as to the story), lots of the comedy worked on my simpleton self and the winks at its forefather were appreciated. At the end of the stake in the undead heart though; it was the cast that gave this one that extra oomph.

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Author : John Fallon