Final Destination 5 : Movie Review

The last sequel was titled “The Final Destination,” but clearly New Line Cinema is run by a bunch of sneaky little liars. Thanks to a 3D boost at the box office and renewed interest in the slaughter of no-name actors, the franchise has been pulled out of retirement, revving up again with an all-new multi-dimensional gore show. While the thrill was officially snuffed out once the end credits rolled on the first “Final Destination,” that hasn’t stopped the producers from mounting a surprisingly snoozy fourth sequel.
On a tour bus heading to a corporate retreat with his co-workers, including friend Peter (Miles Fisher) and girlfriend Molly (Emma Bell), Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) has a premonition about a terrible bridge collapse that kills most of the department. Freaking out, Sam clears the bus just in the nick of time, incurring the wrath of Death, who once again seeks out sophisticated ways to reclaim these lost souls. Learning of a way to cheat the murderous system, Sam instead looks to wait out his fate, leaving the rest of the gang in a state of panic, helplessly watching as they succumb to ghastly ends.

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Author : brian Orndorf