Friends with Benefits : Movie Review

The easy joke to make about Friends With Benefits is “Hey! That movie already came out this year called No Strings Attached!” This joke was already old about 5 seconds after anyone hears the premise for Friends With Benefits, a film which dares to ask if two friends of the opposite sex can fulfill their carnal lust for each other while not becoming emotionally attached to form a union with one another. The strange coincidence is that exact type of joke is the one that people who are planning on seeing Friends With Benefits this weekend will most likely find absolutely hilarious. I haven’t seen nor do I have any intention of ever seeing No Strings Attached so my comparison ends and starts with the premise alone. But that joke proves a very good point, which is that the whole idea of being friends with benefits is such a simple idea for a movie. It’s already been done twice in one year. It’s been done on sit-coms numerous times. Hell even a Seinfeld episode made fun of it and if that premise lasted longer than one episode Jerry himself would have quit. What I’m getting at is that it’s a one-note joke, if you don’t already know the rest of the movie based off that premise then you’ve either never seen a romantic comedy or must have short-term memory loss like that guy in Memento and can’t remember what just happened to you moments ago. Although even Leonard Shelby would probably get tired of this simple premise.

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Author : Daniel Kielman