Zookeeper, The : Movie Review

Kevin James and talking animals. Doesn’t seem like a particularly extensive screenwriting challenge, yet “Zookeeper” features an extraordinary amount of outside interference for a picture that shouldn’t stray from the essentials. More amusing than funny, but only when it includes the antics of the wild kingdom, the picture drags unnecessarily, trying to convince viewers that the human elements of the script have value when all anyone really wants to see is a talking gorilla in a polo shirt.
A champion caretaker at his zoo, Griffin (Kevin James) is stuck hopelessly in love with his former flame, Stephanie (Leslie Bibb). A spoiled woman with expensive tastes, Stephanie looks to change Griffin to suit her needs, urging the zookeeper to rethink his vocation. The thought of their pal quitting sends the animals of the zoo into a panic, forcing the creatures to reveal their ability to speak to Griffin, offering him advice on the ways of life and love. At first terrified, the zookeeper soon warms up to the likes of lion Joe (voiced by Sylvester Stallone), monkey Donald (Adam Sandler), and gorilla Bernie (Nick Nolte), accepting their experience to properly woo Stephanie, bringing in co-worker Kate (Rosario Dawson) for support.

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Author : Brian Orndorf