Cars 2 : Movie Review

As certain as death and taxes, there is one irrefutable agreement amongst the frequently fickle gaggle of viewers in the film community. Cars is the weakest of the 11 feature films that they have produced since 1995. Up and down, far and wide it is hard to find one who would disagree and anyone that does is instantly whisked away on the shortbus for re-education. Maybe that is why John Lasseter and company decided to go back to the well and breathe new life into a project that was gestating right around the time that Pixar and Disney were battling it out with contracts. And maybe that fed into the film's original theme of old routes being forgotten about. And just maybe a sequel would erase all those doubts we never associate with the fine folks at Pixar unless the film focuses around anthropomorphic vehicles. The answer to, at least, that last question is a resounding "no" as Cars 2 is a hypocritical bore of a film that is fundamentally no different in tone, humor and plot than your average Larry the Cable Guy film.

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Author : Erik Childress