Dark Matter DVD


The psychological thriller ‘Dark Matter’ is based on the Iowa University killings in 1991 when a Chinese student went on the rampage and shot dead four of the university’s leading academics.
The film stars multiple Academy Award winning legend Meryl Streep (‘Doubt’; ‘The Devil Wears Prada’; ‘Mamma Mia!’), Aidan Quinn (‘Desperately Seeking Susan’; ‘Legends of the Fall’; ‘Unknown’) and Liu Ye (‘City Of Life And Death’; ‘Curse Of The Golden Flower’).

Critically acclaimed by the media and a winner at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘Dark Matter’ will be released by High Fliers on retail DVD on August 8th.
It tells the story of Liu Xing (Liu Ye), a scholarship boy from Beijing and a graduate cosmology student, who arrives at Valley State University in Salt Lake City to continue his studies.

Back in China, Liu Xing's parents are proud of him and he dedicates himself to fulfilling their hopes and expectations.
At first, he finds the transition from his humble background in China to his new life in cosmopolitan America hard to cope with but he is helped by Joanna Silver (Meryl Streep), a wealthy university patron who takes a liking to the young student.
Xing joins a select cosmology group under the direction of his hero, the world famous cosmologist Professor Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn). The group is working to create a model of the origins of the Universe, based on Reiser's theory.

Xing's enormous talent soon leads to him becoming Reiser's protégé and it seems that nothing will stand between him and a very bright future as a Scientist.
However, Xing is obsessed with the study of ‘dark matter’, an unseen substance which he believes is inextricably linked to the origins of the Universe, and when his theories start challenging Professor Reisner’s work, Reisner becomes jealous and decides to stop Xing progressing any further.

As a result, Xing’s future in Science suddenly seems shattered and unable to bear the humiliation, he returns to the campus with a loaded gun looking for revenge.

‘Dark Matter’ has a run time of 88 minutes, a 15 certificate and a recommended retail price of £12.99.