Battle: Los Angeles : Movie Review

Perhaps it's a backhanded compliment to acknowledge that, as would-be "event" films about alien invasions go, Battle Los Angeles is superior to both Independence Day and Skyline. Nevertheless, the movie is likely to miss the mark for anyone in search of something more than a noisy, kinetic way to spend a couple of hours. Of the roughly 110 minutes of non-credits screen time accorded to the story, about 90 of those are taken up by a "you are there" perspective of firefights with aliens. That means a lot of shooting, enough explosions to make Michael Bay happy, and a fair amount of dying. It also means confusion resulting from an overreliance on hand-held cameras. If the intent is to convey to the viewer the chaos and disorientation that occurs in the middle of a pitched battle, Battle Los Angeles succeeds. If the goal is to unveil a coherent narrative, it does not.

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Author : James Berardinelli