Monsters, Inc. : Movie Review

Monsters, Inc. (2001)If you liked Toy Story (1995) then you're going to love the latest offering from the Pixar Animation Studios; Monsters Inc. Continuing to explore the vivid imagination of children, here we have a classic 'monsters in the cupboard' type story, wonderfully brought to life by breathtaking animation.

Monstropolis is in trouble because Monsters Inc., a huge power station, isn't producing enough electricity. The power is generated by collecting the screams of children, but the problem is that kids just don't get as scared as they used to due to exposure to violence on TV.

Sulley, a big blue bear type creature with horns, voiced by John Goodman, is the company's top scare collector helped by his green, one eyed assistant and best friend Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal). There's one thing that scares monsters more than anything and that's children, believed to be highly infectious. So when Boo (Mary Gibbs) gets into the monsters world all hell breaks loose. If that wasn't enough it turns out that it was no accident that a portal to the human world was left open, a corrupt monster has evil plans to produce power in his own terrifying way.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)Monsters Inc. is without doubt one of the most technically advanced animations (watch Sulleys hair moving in the wind) but this doesn't overshadow a good story or the characters that we grow to love. There's enough suspense and emotion to keep all ages guessing, especially towards the end with the climatic battle of good verses evil.

A larger than life animation turns a simple story into an epic, entertaining to children of all ages.

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Author : John Harbisher Of