Tron Legacy : Movie Review

If you kind of, sort of liked the "Matrix" franchise but found it too fast-paced, too dense with plot and way too short on neon-lit motorbike races and homoerotic Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, then I've got a movie for you. That movie is "TRON: Legacy," a theoretically long-awaited sequel to an expensive flop that was released 28 years ago, in the dawn of the computer age, when the presumed target audience for this new movie had not yet reached zygote or embryo status, and was swimming formless in the cybervoid of pre-existence. That may or may not be the longest gap between original movie and sequel in Hollywood history -- it's a stupid question, and I'm not going to research it -- but it's a hell of a long time to wait for a visual experience that resembles sticking your head into a barrel of ink full of those daylight-fluorescent glow sticks from the dollar store.

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Author : Andrew O'Hehir