Long Time Dead : Movie Review

Entirely innovative and progressive, Long Time Dead (2002) breaks the rules, within the confines of the horror genre. This British flick explores your worst fears of the unknown, presenting the reality as entirely possible.

Heavily influenced by drugs and imagination, a group of friends decide to liven up their night by experimenting with Ouijy board. In the confines of the dreary, but trendy club, the danger-seeking mates set up a make-shit hoard and start the process. Spiritual Lucy (Marsha Thomason) warns the group they must mot break the link as they're calling the spirits. She warns with all sincerity, the spirit called will remain trapped in their world if they do. Growing with tension and gradual fear, the séance begins.

As the glass moves frantically around the board, it spells "All Will Die", Liam (Alec Newman) freaks and escapes, breaking the link…

In hot pursuit of the friends, we sit back and witness each one murdered brutally by an unknown entity. No character is spared the gruesome fate, unlike Sidney in Scream (1996), who NEVER dies! Until the end, we are kept guessing - and believe me, you won't guess!

Dramatic effect is emphasised by the surroundings in the movie - mostly an old, big house (comparative to Norman Bates' house in Psycho (1960)) in which most of the friends reside. The house looms, trees waver hauntingly around it. Inside it proffers a creaky staircase, leading to endless dimly lit corridors, each with more doors, leading to dark rooms, where anyone or anything could hide.

Conclusively, if you like a good horror flick with gore and clever use of imagination, then spare some rime to see Long Time Dead. The characters are solid, supported by an innovative very talented cast of relatively unkowns!

A film to see if you dare...

Author : Max Willis Of Cinema.com