Collector, The : Collector DVD Review

Title: The Collector
Starring: Josh Stewart, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernández, Michael Reilly Burke
Duration: 90 minutes
Certificate: 18
Released: 18th October 2010

In the run-up to Halloween, The Collector is release. It’s a gory yet suspenseful horror film. Written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the writers responsible for Saw IV, V, VI and most recently Saw VII 3D, The Collector is a real-time game of cat-and-mouse with a terrifying twist, making it an excellent Halloween purchase for any dedicated horror enthusiast.

Arkin (Josh Stewart), is a handyman and an ex-con. He is working at a quiet home and when they go on holiday he hacks their safe to steal a rare jemstone. In debt to his ex-wife he will use the money to repay her and keep his young family together. But when he stumbles across a mysterious box, containing a tortured and terrified stranger he enters into a twisted game of cat-and-mouse, trying to keep his own life intact whilst trying to save those of the vacationing family, who are locked inside their own home, who he had originally planned to rob.

Marcus Dunstan also directs and with some panache too. It’s all fairly derivative of the Saw films in many ways, but I suppose they did write those films as well, and if you’re going to plagiarise then it’s not so bad if it’s from your own work. The acting is of a passable nature for this sort of film and the production values are fairly high. This is a little too gory and a bit too nasty for me, I normally stay away from these sort of films but if this sort of thing is what you enjoy then you could do far worse if you’re looking for a rental for Halloween night.

Author : Kevin Stanley