You Again : Movie Review

Certainly you never forgive or forget the school bully who tormented you.

You also probably don't hurl dishes at that person a decade after the incidents have passed. Or turn an argument into a goopy food fight.

That setup is at the heart of the harmless, predictable but not-very-funny romp that is You Again.

There are a few good laughs and a surprisingly good cast in this surprise-free revenge comedy, in which Marni (Kristen Bell) learns that her cruel high school nemesis, Joanna (Odette Yustman) or "Satan's spawn" as Marni refers to her is marrying her beloved brother. The writers never bother to give Will (James Wolk) a personality, perhaps on the assumption that "nice, handsome guy" would be sufficient for a chick flick. It's not.

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Author : Claudia Puig