A Life Among Whales DVD Review

Title: A Life Among Whales
Release Date:7th September 2010
Running Time: 57 minutes

A Life Among Whales DVDWhales are amongst the most enigmatic and fascinating of all creatures. The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth, at up to 100 tons, easily out-weighing the heaviest dinosaurs, even an ‘ordinary’ sized whale is a vast and impressive creature. Whales are huge, but elusive and difficult to see which adds to their mystery and fascination. They are highly intelligent animals with an elaborate social life.

Weaving together natural history and biography, this DVD delves deep inside the unique relationship between humans and whales, as told by renowned whale biologist and activist Dr. Roger Payne.

Whales, much like dolphins, are well renowned for being one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet and loved by many people. In this DVD we are treated to an interesting look and insight into this animal. Filmed in their natural habitat the disc is both an insight into these animals as well as a wonderful spectacle of their beauty and the freedom that the oceans allow them. It also looks at the complexity of the lives that they live.

This DVD shows beautiful mesmerising close-up footage of free-swimming whales offering stunning close-up photography which is both engaging as well as relaxing to watch.

Author : Kevin Stanley