Resident Evil: Afterlife : Movie Review

This one was over way too quickly and I easily could have sat through another half hour no problem. In fact, that half hour would have been nice to explore a little more story. Instead, Resident Evil: Afterlife is basically one action packed scene after another with only the most limited character introductions possible. I still had a friggin blast watching it but I would have had just as much fun if they had slowed down a minute and offered up some more explanations for what was unfolding. I could have also caught my breath for a second as well!

The film starts by showing the infection taking over in Tokyo 4 years in the past before it quickly switches to Alice and her friends infiltrating and destroying an underground Umbrella base. The scene is nuts and is a great introduction to some of the insane action that will follow. It also manages to strip away everything that I thought had started to get out of hand with the last flick by stripping Alice of her strange super powers. Even as a normal human again Alice still manages to do things that no other ordinary human could do but at least she’s not destroying things with her mind anymore. Obviously you know that nothing will end up happening to Alice but having her ‘human’ again adds a little more tension to her need for survival.

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Author : Will Brownridge