Grown Ups : Movie Review

Is there really an entire mini-generation of middle-aged dudes out there who remain totally befuddled by the demands of adulthood and fatherhood and economic self-sufficiency, who find themselves halfway paralyzed between a life of unwashed sweats and Bud-for-breakfast and another one of lawnmowers, pleated shorts and stinky diapers? Yeah, you're right -- it's a rhetorical question and not a very bright one, and you're also right that what I'm really doing is trolling for responses from female readers. Bring it, sisters!

I'm tempted to come at you like a left-wing, post-bohemian version of Glenn Beck, and blame this whole thing on the fatally uncertain parenting of the '60s and '70s. At least as this trend pops up in, uh, pop culture, it reflects the concerns of guys like Judd Apatow (born in 1967), "Old School" and "Hangover" director Todd Phillips (born in 1970), and Adam Sandler (born in 1966), co-writer, producer and star of the highly unfortunate new comedy "Grown Ups."

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Author : Andrew O'Hehir