Jonah Hex : Movie Review

Opening the same day as Toy Story 3 and an alternative for those with a preference for their movies dark, no sugar instead, Jonah Hex is likewise a blast from the past as it storms into theaters with a vengeance in more ways than one. But in no way cuddly cowboy Woody, Josh Brolin as the title surly supernatural gunslinger is a very different kind of settler dodging bullets across the wild west, or rather deep south, settling old scores and new ones that may not have even arrived, in some as yet unfathomable future space.

Shattering long entrenched cowboy mythologies while invoking sinister new ones, Jonah Hex first appeared as part of the DC Comics war series during the Vietnam era. And though that conflict has usually been cited as the first defeat for this country, that claim can actually be made a century prior to those years, by the rarely discussed Civil War rebel soldiers of the Confederacy. Who share many of the same psychological battle scars as the Vietnam vets.

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Author : Prairie Miller