Marmaduke : Movie Review

There is an audience for Marmaduke.

Unfortunately, the Marmaduke audience isn't reading this review. They can't. They're five-years-old, and while they may be in the early throes of reading comprehension, I'm fairly confident in saying that I have no five-year-old readers.

There is a friend of mine, a wonderfully decent young woman who works hard and is seemingly normal in virtually every sense of the word...with one exception.

She loved Underdog...the movie. I'm not talking about the innocent, sweet and semi-charming cartoon of days past. I'm talking about the simply awful, condescending and unimaginative movie of 2007.

She will likely enjoy Marmaduke.

Jayne, if you're reading this, go see Marmaduke.

Among the rest of you, only diehard fans of Garfield 2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and all 1,000 Air Buddies films (Yes, I'm exaggerating) ever created should even consider seeing Marmaduke in the theatre.

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Author : Richard Propes