She's Out of My League : Alice Eve

With four A’s at A-Level, a degree in English from Oxford University and looks that recently landed her parts in 2010’s hottest films – She’s Out Of My League (in UK cinemas 4th June 2010) and Sex and The City, as well as a poet boyfriend to die for you might be forgiven for thinking that Alice Eve has got it all. And, well, actually, maybe she has.

She\''s Out of My League (2010)This is a quick look back over the staggeringly quick ascent of the UK’s latest starlet….

• Born in London February 1982, Alice is the daughter of actors Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan (who you may recognise from TV Dramas Silent Witness and Holby City). With award winning parents and an upbringing that was divided between the UK and LA it seemed that Alice was destined to be a star from an early age.

• Learning her craft from the best, Alice spent the year between finishing her A-levels and starting at St Catherine's College, Oxford studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

• While studying at University Alice was a key member of the dramatics society with roles in student productions of An Ideal Husband, Scenes from an Execution and The Colour of Justice. She also performed in Animal Crackers which toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

• Beginning her Movie career in 2004, Alice hit the big time with significant roles in 2006’s Starter for 10 and Big Nothing starring alongside Simon Pegg with an equally suspect American accent!

• From there Alice’s career has gone from strength to strength with roles alongside enduring Hollywood icons including Harrison Ford in Crossing Over (2007). Her turn in Sex and The City as laid back Irish Nanny saw her steal the limelight from more than one of her experienced co-stars, and grab some significant acclaim from the critics.

• In her upcoming role as Molly in She’s Out Of My League Alice plays successful business woman Molly, who falls for a guy with enough baggage and low self esteem to sink a ship. Working through issues of her own Molly has to work hard to convince the guy she likes that he is worthy of her. Alice lends a fantastically upbeat comedy kick to Molly’s character, and this, combined with some smashing wardrobe choices, should be enough to make any aspiring starlet green all the way down to their Manolo Blahniks.