Clash of the Titans : Movie Review

A decade too old to convincingly be called "boy," Sam "Mr. Greenscreen" Worthington is badly cast as reluctant-demigod Perseusóas was Harry Hamlin in the '81 Clash of the Titansóbut the appeal of sumptuous blockbuster Hellenism remains with the Gods (Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades) and their miracles (3-D CGI replacing analog). This Clash provides frequent occasion for awe as Perseus and company, men in rebellion against the tyranny of Olympus, embark on a tour of hodgepodge theme-park antiquity, rendered in button-by-button detail: I especially liked the warped ferry to Hades, with oarsman Charon replaced by an outboard motor.

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Author : Nick Pinkerton