Star Of The Week

Russell Crowe
Date of Birth: 7th April 1964
Place of Birth: Wellington, New Zealand
Home: Sydney, Australia,
Star Sign: Aries
Arian Attributes: Russell's character and personality are in sink with a typical Arian, a natural born leader and a fighting warrior. In love however, the Arian face becomes creased with worry and disapproval when he or she is crossed in love.

Did you know?

Russell spends enormous amounts of time, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of his Sydney farm, during breaks from filming. Unfortunately, Russell's joy of motor biking
across the outback has resulted in a painful affliction of his backside, which is treated with medicated nappy rash cream!

Members of the family had careers in movies, behind the camera, unlike fame-seeking Russell. His parents worked as location caterers, his grandfather worked as a cinematographer.

Crowe's career suffered demise, following a spell on tour with The Rocky Horror how, but recognition was regained, with hit movie L.A. Confidential (1997).

Russell can be spotted at home in Sydney, or around Hollywood, decorated with a beautiful lady on his arm!

Currently, Russell Crowe is enjoying the success of his recent movie beautiful mind, A (2001), in which he pushes boundaries by portraying a paranoid-schizophrenic genius