From Paris with Love : Movie Review

If a title like From Paris With Love sounds as if it may be more than a familiar knockoff of say, the James Bond Russian turf classic, you're probably not far from the truth. The usual homicidal espionage extinction outing but lacking the bold wit, icy elegance and, shall we say, relative subtlety that has characterized Bond escapades, From Paris With Love is less From Russia With Love than a cynically fashioned version of Pulp Fiction's comical cruelty.

Chewing up and spitting out assorted exotic scenery as a born again, Soldier of Fortune style serial slaughterer cokehead lunatic is a newly bald and goateed John Travolta as CIA hitman, Charlie Wax. Sent to Paris to supposedly take down a Chinese drug ring there, Wax is teamed with wimpy but determined CIA trainee, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers).

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Author : Prairie Miller