Princess and the Frog, The : Movie Review

"The Princess and the Frog" starts out with a fairy tale. Two little girls, in full princess regalia, sit together in a pink bedroom straight out of every miniature Disney fan's fantasies, listening to a story of wishing on stars, transformative kisses and happily ever after. But this fairy tale is different. And though our doe-eyed heroine, Tiana, has a penchant for talking to animals and bursting into song, this is not just another Disney princess branding opportunity. "The Princess and the Frog" is also the sweetest, most sincere romantic comedy to come along in ages, and a luminous love letter to a great American city.

In Jazz Age-era New Orleans, young Tiana works double shifts as a waitress to fulfill her dream (and her beloved late father's) of opening up a restaurant. She scrimps, she passes up socializing with her friends, and just when she seems a hairsbreadth away from making it happen, the local realtors tell the African-American beauty that they won't be doing business with "a woman of your background."

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Author : Mary Elizabeth Williams