Star of the Week

Brad Pitt

Date Of Birth: 18th December 1963
Place Of Birth: Oklahoma
Education: Almost graduated with degree in Journalism at University of Missouri, but dropped out to move to California, to pursue a career in Hollywood. .
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Sagittarian Attributes: Typically like Sagittarians, Brad has an optimistic outlook on life. His warm, caring character is reflected and his ability to charm the birds from the trees is obvious!

Did you know?
Before Brad was a hot Hollywood hunk, he made every attempt to make it as an actor. He once donned a chicken suit and handed out leaflets. Recently, whilst traveling in his car in Hollywood, Brad spotted a big chicken handing out flyers, outside a Hollywood eatery. He stopped the car handing the chicken $100, before wishing him luck!

The wedding vows exchanged between him and beautiful wife Jennifer Aniston, included Jen swearing she would make her new husband Banana milkshakes!