Paranormal Activity : Movie Review

While watching Paranormal Activity, dread was the one word that kept coming back to me over and over again. Every time the camera sat on its perch overlooking the lead couple's bed, I was gripped by an agonizing feeling of foreboding that what I was about to see was going to scare the pants off of me and bring me one step closer to not being able to sleep tonight. Which is why it's now 3:00 AM and I'm writing this review instead of resting comfortably in my own bed. I'm also pausing every few minutes to look over my shoulder in case someone -- or something -- might be lurking there. You are no doubt thinking, "Yeah, right. There's no way some no-budget, no-name docu-style flick is keeping ME up at night!" Well, my friends, I beg to differ. This here is the real deal. Simply put, Paranormal Activity is the most frightening ghost story of the year. I'd bet cash money nobody can watch the entire thing without saying at least three or four times, "That's some fucked up shit." Or, more accurately, "That's some seriously fucked up shit."

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Author : Debi Moore