Sorority Row : Movie Review

Paint by numbers horror is tiresome, but horror movies should work within the genre. When they color too far outside the lines fans get lost. Sorority Row has all of the necessary elements to make it a typical slasher flick but at the same time tries to put a fresh coat of primer on the genre in an effort to find a happy medium between those two alternatives. While the film never quite reaches that middle ground, it sure provides a damn good time while trying to find it.

No, this isn’t a twisted version of The Hills. Rather than death-by-Speidi, Audrina Patridge’s character Megan is the victim of a prank gone horribly wrong. Her cheating ex-boyfriend Garrett (Matt O'Leary) is made to believe he’s slipped her one too many Roofies and accompanies a band of her sorority sisters to a desolate location to figure out what to do with the body. Oops, someone forgets to tell Garrett it’s just a joke and he decides to impale Megan with a tire iron. Queen bee Jessica (Leah Pipes) uses her power of persuasion to convince the gang the best course of action is to drop the body down a mineshaft and get on with their lives.

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Author : Perri Nemiroff