I Can Do Bad All by Myself : Movie Review

As a filmmaker Tyler Perry seems to have just two modes of storytelling-- over-the-top, almost vaudevillian humor, usually starring his most famous creation Madea, and weepy, help-me-God melodrama, in which life lessons are learned thanks to big helpings of spirituality and family.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Perry's eighth film, relies heavily on the latter, and as a result has a crossover appeal that might lure in viewers who never quite got the bawdy Madea humor. With Benjamin Button's Taraji P. Henson capably doing the dramatic heavy lifting, the movie successfully glides through some of the more ridiculous dramatic set-ups, and actually manages to carry an emotional punch if you're willing to give yourself over to a world in which gospel choirs heal all wounds, and the right man will just wait for you to get over your problems and love him back.

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Author : Katey Rich