Ugly Truth, The : Movie Review

Google “men dating” and you’ll find a few pages of magazines, newspapers and blogs by digital Romeos and electronic Casanovas, all calling on followers to act in certain ways to get all the women you want. “Brylcreem, a little dab will do ya” was the commercial that reminded us to use a pea-size application of the gooey hair tonic to seduce women, but since then everyone with internet capabilities has his own ideas. One such counsel for those who want romantic relationships: never give a woman advice. It would not be long before she’ll say, “Let’s be friends.”

Mike (Gerard Butler) is one such advisor, one who would gasp and be overcome with depression if any woman ever said that to him. A womanizer par excellence who, during the course of Robert Luketic’s “The Ugly Truth” manages to attract every woman who meets his eyes, Mike has run a successful TV show called “The Ugly Truth” in which he tells women that “all men are simple…don’t try to change us…we’re incapable of making progress.” In the fashion of romantic comedies like this one, his advice is subverted by The One, while the target of his affection, Abby (Katherine Heigl) turns miraculously from control freak to absolute putty.

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Author : Harvey Karten