Proposal, The : Movie Review

"The Proposal" is a romantic comedy set in mythic days of yore, a fantasy era in which a grown-up could actually make a living -- and even become financially successful -- by working as an editor at a publishing house. If you can suspend disbelief enough to run with that crazy concept, you'll have no trouble buying the idea of Sandra Bullock as a rather monstrous Manhattan publishing executive who, in order to avoid being deported to her homeland of Canada, blackmails her earnest, hardworking assistant (played by Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her. The expected romantic complications ensue when Reynolds' character, Andrew, brings bitchy bride-to-be Margaret to his Alaska homestead, where his grandmother (played by Betty White) is about to celebrate her 90th birthday, and his parents (Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen) both, for different reasons, bemoan the fact that they rarely see their son. When Margaret begins to see Andrew as a person and not just an eager gopher, she begins to see the error of her ...

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Author : Stephanie Zacharek