Frost/Nixon : Frost Nixon: Famous Face-Offs

The Oscar® and BAFTA nominated* Frost/Nixon, is available to own and rent on DVD and Blu-ray from 18th May. Directed by Ron Howard, the film is the dramatisation of the legendary showdown between disgraced former president Richard Nixon and playboy TV journalist David Frost.

As the pair duel in a captivating and compelling battle of wits, the film climaxes in a reconstruction of the final, explosive interview; a game of political cat and mouse and psychological manipulation between the two men in which David Frost uses all of his investigative skill to humble Nixon and give the American people what they want most; an admission of guilt, an apology and closure on Watergate.

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To celebrate the films release, we bring you the story behind some of the most famous, explosive and sensational interviews of all time.

1. Margaret Thatcher on the sofa with David Frost
Three days of mental sparring with President Nixon certainly paid-off for David Frost when he challenged old blighty’s Iron lady over her decision to sink the Belgrano.

2.Kerry Katona cracks up on This Morning
Kerry Katona's appearance on ITV's “This Morning” led to a wave of public phone-ins claiming that the talentless celebrity didn’t appear to be in a satisfactory condition, with gruelling binge sessions and bankruptcy finally catching up with her it’s no suprise

3. Diana breaking down in interview
Princess Diana conducted her most intimate interview Martin Bashir - their conversations has now become famous for her timeless confession: ‘There are three people in this marriage’.

4. Christian Bale flip (bad language)
The Dark Knight revealed his true dark side in this once amusing, now slightly tiresome rant. Speaking to LA based radio station KROQ the actor said, "I was out of order and I make no excuses for it.” Don’t worry - the Terminators are back, Judgment Day is nigh and we need you!

5. Heather Mills has ‘had enough’
The power of the GMTV sofa in evidence once more - they must put something in the water. Whatever they’re using, it certainly worked for lady Macca when she took to the stage and let the tears role…

6. Oliver Reed drunk and incomprehensible on After Dark
If you might think these modern celebrities let themselves down on national TV then just wait until you see Oliver Reed in action. The 1970’s British screen icon slurs his way through everything from the war on terror to dancing to assassins.

7.Bill Clinton interviewed by an independent panel
Phone sex, fornication and cigars, truly no rock is left unturned in this comprehensive interview between Bill Clinton and his balsy interviewer, as he conducts a non-stop inquest into all of the sordid events surrounding Clinton’s affair with Lewinski.

8. Sex Pistols on ITV, interviewed by Bill Grundy (bad language)
Johnny Rotten and his gang of sex pistols give the nation a quick run-through of the most inappropriate 1970’s vernacular, lambasting Bill Grundy a “dirty rotter” and telling him where to go.

9.Kevin Keegan loses it against Alex Ferguson
Not one to shy away from his emotions, Geordie legend Kevin Keegan completely looses the plot with “Sir” Alex Ferguson in this notorious TV rant. Keegan’s out-burst turned out to be somewhat ill-advised as his side went on to blow a 7 point lead at the top of the table. It is said that you can still hear Kevin’s words echoing off the empty walls of Newcastle’s trophy room.

10.Tara Palmer-Tompkinson on Frank Skinner
The original ‘It Girl’s’ hedonistic lifestyle and drug addiction came to a head as she appeared clearly under the influence of drugs on BBC’s Frank Skinner Show. She boasted that she could get anything she wanted just by mentioning it in her newspaper column, yelling “I want a car. Who’s going to give me one?” Cue… taxi to rehab.