He's Just Not That Into You : Movie Review

Women are pathetic—at least, that's the message being preached by a recent rash of horribly misguided motion pictures. In Sex and the City: The Movie, they're depicted as materialistic sluts who use their fading feminine wiles to weasel all manner of money-based goodies out of their gullible meat puppets. In Mamma Mia!, we experience fading beauty bedeviled by off-key singing and gooey green-screen romanticism. But both of those films are feminist manifestos when compared to the gender equity awfulness of He's Just Not That Into You. Any film "loosely" based on a baffling self-help tome is already asking for trouble, but once women get a whiff of this effort's "ladies are losers" lament, the fashionable gloves are bound to come off.

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