Moulin Rouge : Movie Review

Moulin Rouge Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman star in director Baz Luhrmann's MOULIN ROUGE, a celebration of love and creative inspiration set in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the twentieth century.baz Luhrmann's fantastical production screams for attention. Frantic movement, fast moving images and an array of magical rich colours set the beginning of this romantic tale.

Set in Paris, the Moulin Rouge is the epicentre of the underworld, attracting bohemian revolutionaries, artists, writers, dancers and singers.

Christian a penniless writer, with a strong affection for romanticism moves to the languishing, seedy part of Paris in the hope of becoming a playwrite. An entourage of strange, but welcoming crazy actors quickly seduce him, propelling him into the underworld of the Moulin Rouge. He quickly forms an affinity with the owner Zidler, who agrees to stage a musical production, written by Christian named Spectacular Spectacular. It stars 'Sparkling Diamond' (Satine) - the beautiful and alluring principle attraction of the Moulin Rouge.

The set is similar to a stage, creating the illusions of magical surroundings. Satine's room lies in the womb of a huge elephant. Indian cloths adorn the boudoir, with euphemistic elements and rich tapestries. Though afflicted with poverty, the surroundings of the Moulin are dense in fairy tale magic and illusion. A huge wooden windmill turns perpetually, statuesque and grand in appearance.

Satine's lavish performance unleashes a visual and audio feast of magic. Christian's love grows for Satine, proposing that love above all is worth more than anything. He woos the material girl in the hope that she will lose her heart to him.The evil Duke who funds the production will stop at nothing to ensure he proclaims Satine as his.

Preconceptions of realism disintegrate, marvelling at the sheer velocity of sound, imagery and emotions displayed so frantically. An assortment of masked dwarfs and suspender-clad whores parade throughout. Ensembles of reformed modern day music like Elton John and Madonna embellish the humour.

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor create powerful on-screen chemistry. Ewan depicts Christian gently, exuding love and beauty and na´vety in his constant quest for love Satine contradicts his benevolence, selling her soul for the amount a punter will pay - she soon learns the ultimate price of greed

This marvel of a movie cannot be confined to a genre, jutting sporadically between romance, comedy, pantomime, and musical.

This story is about truth, beauty, freedom and above all, love.


Author : Max Willis Of