Speed Racer Game

Based on the upcoming Wachowski brothers film of the same name, Speed Racer will be released on the Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ in May 2008 with the film's launch. The PlayStation®2 system version will launch with the DVD in Fall 2008. Set in a hyper-realistic world where car culture is the culture, players compete in the World Racing League (WRL) against up to 19 other racers across rollercoaster-like race tracks. Players will enjoy a combative racing experience like no other when they take control of the T180 race car, achieving amazing speeds and mastering four independently turning wheels that allow drivers to engage in “car fu” to jump, flip, and outmaneuver their opponents. Speed Racer captures the action, look and feel of the high adrenaline arena racing developed for the movie in an accessible, fun-filled game that allows players to actually get behind the wheel and on incredible tracks straight out of the world of Speed Racer.


- Go head to head against the fast-paced maneuvers and blazing speeds of the best drivers in the World Racing League
- Master car-fu combat, using the T180 race car as a weapon to fight your way to the finish by smashing, jumping, flipping and spinning other cars off the track
- Choose from over 20 different driver / race car combinations, including Speed Racer’s Mach 6 and Racer X’s Shooting Star
-Game features the voices of Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch), Racer X (Matthew Fox) and Trixie (Christina Ricci) as playable characters
-Trixie’s T180 race car is designed exclusively for the game by Speed Racer filmmakers
-Experience gravity-defying tracks across five vibrant environments
-Drive at blazing speeds in excess of 350 MPH across incredible tracks that have loops, corkscrews, jumps as well as other obstacles and challenges
-Utilize “The Zone” to boost your speed up to 500 MPH and gain an advantage on the track
-Create alliances with other racers to increase your chances of winning championships