Borstal Boy dvd

An emotionally moving coming-of-age drama in the tradition of ‘Another Country’ and ‘Maurice’, starring Danny Dyer.

Brendan Behan, a sixteen year-old republican, is going on a bombing mission from Ireland to Liverpool during the Second World War. His mission is
thwarted when he is apprehended, charged is imprisoned in Borstal, a reform institution for young offenders in East Anglia, England.

At Borstal, Brendan is forced to live face-to-face with those he perceived as “the enemy”, a confrontation that reveals deep inner conflict and forces
self-examination that is both traumatic and revealing. Events take an unexpected turn, and Brendan is thrown into a complete spin. In the emotional vortex, he finally faces up to the truth.

‘Borstal Boy’ is adapted from the acclaimed autobiographical novel by Irish writer Brendan Behan, before becoming a Tony-winning play in the early