Enchanted comes to life

For a limited time only, a real-life ‘portal’ from the animated world will be opening in London’s Victoria train station in celebration of the release of Disney’s Enchanted on DVD.

Artist Max Lowry will be unveiling a 3D work of art inspired by the famous scene in the film where a Giselle emerges from the sewers into the real world.

Max Lowry will recreate an animated Giselle merging seamlessly with still life actors in the roles made famous by Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden, merging 3D art and traditional performance.

When: Monday 7th April 2008

Where: Victoria Station, London SW1
Concourse B adjacent to the tube entrance

Enchanted is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday 7 April

A truly unique take on the classic Disney fairytale, unlike anything ever seen before, get ready for Enchanted. The film, a mischievous comedy, with spellbinding song and dance routines, ogre fighting and two handsome princes is sure to enchant both children and adults. Starring Amy Adams (Catch Me If You Can), Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) and James Marsden (X-Men) this Academy Award® nominated genius parody is the perfect antidote to an ordinary day and is released on all-singing, all-dancing DVD this spring.

Animation meets live action and fantasy becomes reality in the charming film that breaks all the rules. With hilarious musical numbers, clever tongue-in-cheek homage and good old-fashioned romance this show-stopper will entertain girls’ nights in; date nights, families and kids’ slumber parties alike.

Giselle (Amy Adams) waits patiently for true love’s kiss in the fantasy realm of Andalasia until handsome Prince Edward (James Marsden) rescues her from an ogre, and they ride off into the sunset to be married. Jealous Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) fears that she will lose her crown to the new princess and banishes her to a far away world… our very own New York City.

Giselle, struggling desperately to find her way in this new reality, is helped by cynical lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey) while she waits patiently for rescue. Prince Edward is trying his best to rescue his fair damsel, but Narissa won’t let that happen without a fight.

Bonus Features
• Deleted scenes are each introduced by Director Kevin Lima and include:
- A Lock of Prince Edward's Hair
- Leaving Karate
- I Am Not Waiting For My Prince
- Hotdogs on the Bridge
- Nathaniel's Revelation
- Exit With A Twist

• Bloopers
• Pop-up storybook
• Music video
• The Making of Enchanted
• Anatomy of a scene:
- Cleaning up the kitchen
- Central Park dance sequence
- Ballroom/ Narissa beast

Blu-ray Features
• All DVD bonus features in hi-definition
• The D-Files: An interactive Game to discover how Disney's Platinum past influenced Enchanted.