Bucket List, The : Sean Hayes Interview

How was it working on set with two of Hollywood's greatest stars?
It was great. You know, as an actor, I can imagine, anybody would say the same thing that it's a dream come true to work with two iconic actors like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. And then on top of it, you have Rob Reiner, who is clearly nothing to sneeze at and has a track record of a mile-long of success. So, needless to say, I felt very, while insecure and fearful, relaxed and confident knowing I was in good hands. So, it's nice. It's like going to a good doctor.

Do you fear being typecast because of your well known character from the American TV show Will & Grace?
There's always that sense of people wanting to, in Hollywood, keep you in that box. And you do everything you can to get out of it and push forward and prove people wrong. And that's what gets you out of bed every morning. So, I enjoy the challenge of proving myself and that's what I like about what I do.

Do you have a personal “Bucket List?”
Yeah. I mean, I haven't necessarily a bucket list, per se, but, I used to make goal lists all the time and still do. And about every six months, I change them and kind of just write down personal and professional things I like to accomplish. This is was one of the professional ones. To work with those two guys and Rob. I won't cross it off, I’ll just put a little star by it 'cause then, hopefully, it'll happen again. But, nothing immediate on the goal list that I can divulge, but one that's always on there is just to kind of keep challenging myself, and in all aspects of life. That way, you're living your life to its fullest.

How do you balance your family with your career since a lot of Hollywood people have trouble?
I have my family back in Chicago, and then out here, I just have a group of friends that I kind of consider my family right now. I think that the balance between the friends that I call family here in town right now in my life, you just kind of have to force yourself to make time and find the time and balance it all to spend time with this person and this group of people this week. And then take an hour out to walk the dogs, read a script, do whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself balanced. I think too much of anything in one area is bad.

How do you get people to see a movie that's about death and cancer?
Give free popcorn? Say, there's free popcorn if you come to see this movie about death. No. The movie is about living life and not dying. It's about what you do. It's life affirming, if anything. It's about what you do while you're on this earth, to live your life to its fullest, and what you can do for others. It's doesn't have any explosions in it, except of laughter...hopefully. I think there's something in it for everybody.