High Heels and Low Lifes : Movie Review

Exhilaratingly funny, fast paced and witty. High Heels and Low Life's exceeds any preconceptions of a British screenplay movie.

Shannon and Frances are best friends. Shannon (Driver) proffers a typically English nature, reserved, but quietly confident with sensibility; while American, aspiring actress Frances, reveals a brassy nature, loud and abusive, but funny - confident and disturbingly likeable

The pals become involved in a massive robbery and find themselves entangled in a messy web of crime and deception. As the plot thickens so do the girls, as they adapt hilariously to a life of crime making it up as they go along!

Following a drunken night on the tiles, the girl's head back to Shannon's flat, where they celebrate further the old 'heave -ho' of Shannon's technology obsessed ex-boyfriend. Fiddling around with the despised machinery, Frances and Shannon discover plans for a huge robbery - to take place only down the road!

After failed attempts to inform the police of the pending crime - dismissed as drunken tarts with active imaginations - Shannon and Frances decide to take the law into their own hands, plotting childishly and planning lavish gifts for each other with the blackmail money!
At first the game is fun, but not reckoning with the powerful force of the criminal underworld - events spin out of control. Before long, the girls are submerged fully and engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse - but no matter how close their call, they always seem one step ahead - much to the dismay of the extremely angry and frustrated professional gangsters!

As the story unfolds and situations become more bizarre, the film lies in danger of falling in the buffoonery trap. As the plot is fun, acting fantastic, the comedic slant never falls short of wittiness and laughter provoking scenarios!

High Heels and Low Lifes will probably instigate sniggering, out bursts of laughter and smiles to all faces - with an excellent, fun storyline, fantastic dialogue and comical, but believable characters.

The humor is fresh, surprisingly unpredictable and unmistakably British. Although no big epic or mega blockbuster, this movie offers lighthearted entertainment - and that is exactly what you get!

Author : Max Willis Of Cinema.com