Control DVD

After receiving a record breaking 10 British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs) nominations Control is the winner of FIVE of the prestigious awards


Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature - Anton Corbijn

Inaugural Best Performance in a British Film - Sam Riley

2007 Edinburgh International Film Festival

The talk of the festival circuit during the summer of 2007, and winner of five prestigious BIFA awards, CONTROL is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, and a British cinematic triumph. Set for retail and rental release on 11 February 2008 courtesy of Momentum Pictures, and featuring a host of fascinating extras - Director’s commentary, Making of Control, Extended Performance Scenes (TBC), Joy Division’s Atmosphere ’88 music video (directed by Anton Corbijn), photo gallery and trailer - CONTROL tells the compelling story of Joy Division's enigmatic lead singer Ian Curtis, who tragically died at the premature age of 23.

Director Anton Corbijn, renowned for his photography and music video work with the bands U2 and Depeche Mode, as well as photography with most of rock’s aristocracy, makes his directorial debut with CONTROL, based on the biographical account Touching from a Distance penned by Curtis’ widow Deborah Curtis, and adapted for the screen by Matt Greenhalgh.

Recalling Curtis’ aspirations that reached beyond the trappings of small town life in 1970s Northern England, and his desire to emulate his musical heroes, such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop, we follow Curtis as he joins a band and begins to thrive. Married to Deborah at a young age, Curtis is distracted from his family commitments by a new love and the growing expectations of his band. However, his battle with epilepsy adds to his depression and surrendering to the weight on his shoulders, Curtis finally commits suicide at the age of 23, finally finding the peace that had escaped him in life.

CONTROL introduces Sam Riley in his first lead film role as Curtis, whilst the highly acclaimed Samantha Morton (Minority Report, Sweet and Lowdown) gives an outstanding performance as Debbie. Other stunning performances from the supporting cast include the brilliant portrayal of Factory Records boss Tony Wilson by Craig Parkinson, Tony Kebbell (Dead Man's Shoes, Wilderness) as Joy Division's manager Rob Gretton and Alexandra Maria Lara (Youth Without Youth, Downfall) as Curtis’s lover Annik Honoré. The other members of Joy Division are played to wonderful effect by Harry Treadaway, Joe Anderson and James Anthony Pearson, all of whom learnt how to play the music of the band, providing a fresh sound to the film’s already superb soundtrack. But as Anton Corbijn states, “It’s not a music film, at least not in my eyes. Control is a personal film.”

DVD Extras:

Director's Commentary

Making of Control

Extended Performance Scenes (TBC)

Joy Division's Atmosphere '88 music video (directed by Anton Corbijn)

Photo Gallery