Bucket List, The : Movie Review

Lately, it seems every time I review a Rob Reiner movie, I lament the fall this once reliable filmmaker has taken. Admittedly, Reiner started at such a pinnacle that there was nowhere to go but down, but it's beyond consideration that the director of The Princess Bride and This Is Spinal Tap would be responsible for the likes of Rumor Has It. Thankfully, while The Bucket List doesn't return Reiner to the top of his game, it at least elevates him to the level of respectability. The overly melodramatic yet life-affirming screenplay is in part redeemed by the solid performances and easy camaraderie of the two veteran stars. This is one of those (rare) occasions when I was able to tune down the cynicism and enjoy it on its own terms, even if there was a war at the end between my tear ducts and my gag reflex. Frank Capra would have been at home here. (His grandson is listed as a co-producer.)

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Author : James Berardinelli