When Two Become One

This year has seen newspapers adorned with stories of breakups. The mega-couples of Hollywood have had enough- even long termers Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin (nearly 7 yrs), and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (10 yrs), have packed their bags and boarded the train to divorce central!

When couples breakup in Tinsel-town, it's not unusual, nor is it a surprise to read of bitter battles of money and settlements. Most 'marrieds' today strike up a pre-nuptial, to protect their massive fortunes and assets, which in the ordinary world may seem a little pessimistic - Not in Hollywood!

For a star to get married without a pre-nup would be sacrilege - not even the stars think their marriages will last!

In a recent story, it was revealed that Michael Douglas, a man once bitten, has ripped up the pre-nup, drawn up between him and Catherine Zeta Jones, in a bid to prove that he and his beautiful wife are truly committed to marriage, - with no prospects of a filthy, painful - more importantly very expensive divorce!

Is he mad? Is it possible for his marriage (second) to work - or for any famous Hollywood couple?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis maintained a fiery marriage for 13 years, only to divorce in 2000, three daughters later. Having lived as a high profile star for most of her first marriage, Demi is currently engaged to Karate expert Oliver Whitcomb - a man who possess' normality, humility, not fame and ostentation.

Surely one mega star in the equation is enough. Put two together and a lethal concoction of egos is formed, creating a build up of pressure caused by the extreme desire to be the important one, not cast in the shadow of the other. Perhaps this is the problem, instead of working together to make their marriage/relationshp work, they fight for the high ground, forgetting perhaps the constitution of marriage and love.

Perhaps the wedding vows should be altered for the star couples?

" I do take thee to be my lawful wedded wife,
until I find someone better"

"For richer for poorer, not forgetting the pre-nuptuals"

Some of Hollywood's finest, who fell victim of burnt out relationships...
Julia Roberts/Benjamin Bratt (1998-2001- separated)

Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid (1991-2000 - divorced)

Demi Moore/Bruce Willis (1987-2000 - divorced)

Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman (1990-2001 - separated)

Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger (1993-2001 -separated)

Author : Max Willis Of Cinema.com